Social Media Activation

We’re All In Campaign
Small Business Saturday on Instagram: Guides & Stories

When Instagram launched the Guides feature just a few days prior to Small Business Saturday in 2020, I developed a plan to capitalize on the new tool to earn my client a share of the trending conversation. I quickly identified key assets including brand partners and user-generated content to deploy a series of Guides, Stories and posts. By jumping into the new Guides feature, I successfully provided value and shareable content that helped grow the page and brand. In the 72 hours from Thanksgiving to Small Business Saturday, the account Insights reported:

  • Increased content interactions by 70 percent compared to the previous week
  • Doubled page visits compared to average weekly page traffic
  • Audience growth of 14 percent
  • Positioned the brand as a source of information for target audience: consumers searching for local businesses, business owners looking for platforms to promote their products and services, community organizations and networks involved in the support local movement in search of partners
  • Expanded the brand’s share of voice in the trending support local topic by offering valuable, shareable resources. The novelty of the Guides feature and originality of our Shop Local series helped the brand stand out in the conversation
  • Grew the brand reach and built awareness of We’re All In as other relevant brands and businesses shared the Shop Local Guides to their Stories, putting our account in front of their audiences

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