Social Media Research

Report: Snapchat vs Instagram
I developed this report for my employer, Pilch & Barnet, to present insights on Snapchat vs Instagram usage and content trends on the platforms. I’m fascinated by the evolution of social media platforms and genuinely enjoy learning how industry leaders are forecasting audience needs to develop these channels.

RESEARCH_ Snapchat-Instagram Stories-page-001

RESEARCH_ Snapchat-Instagram Stories-page-002

Instagram launched Stories in August 2016. Instagram surpassed Snapchat’s 166 million monthly users shortly after that. As of November 2017, Instagram Stories had 300 million daily users. The Instagram platform has 800 million active users. Source: Social Report,

RESEARCH_ Snapchat-Instagram Stories-page-005

54% of snapchat users are also Instagram users – overlap Source: Business Insider,

RESEARCH_ Snapchat-Instagram Stories-page-007

Instagram content is more diversified than Snapchat with both high-res, production-quality photos and videos AND in-the-moment, raw and authentic Story content. Stories are shoppable as well

RESEARCH_ Snapchat-Instagram Stories-page-013

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